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Why Web Doctor

Web Doctor is your online prescription service. Web Doctor takes the hassle and embarrassment out of doctor appointments making your consultation more accessible and convenient.

Web Doctor will review your case and send you a prescription within minutes, which you can pick up at any pharmacy nationally.

Safe, Fast and Convenient

Prescription from Registered Australian Doctors

Delivered to your phone within minutes of approval

Our Online Doctor 

Online Doctor

Doctor Jody Shanahan Prendergast

Doctor Jody Shanahan Prendergast, originally from county Kildare in Ireland, graduated with a medical degree from St. George's University School of Medicine, Granada in 2012.

He completed his postgraduate training in Yorkshire, the United Kingdom.

In February 2019 Dr. Jody was awarded his Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (UK) , and became a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General
Practitioners in July 2019.

He has been working as a General Practitioner on the Central Coast, NSW since October 2019.

AHPRA No: MED0002296907


Online Doctor Management Team

Online Doctor

Doctor Daniel Shanahan Prendergast

Doctor Daniel Shanahan Prendergast is an experienced Clinical Director with a demonstrated history of working in the Pharmaceutical, Drug & Medical devices industry within Ireland and the USA. He is skilled in Research and Development (R&D), Clinical Research, Medical Devices, and the Life Sciences sector. Daniel has a strong business development professional background with over five years in the New York area.

Dr. Daniel qualified with his Medical Doctor (MD) Degree from All Saints University, School of Medicine in 2014. Since graduating Dr. Daniel has been involved in clinical research projects spanning a number of Human medical indications.

Research Areas:

  • Diabetic Ulcers Treatment & Management
  • Antibiotic Sensitivity and Bacteria Screening


Online Doctor

Doctor Leo Shanahan Prendergast

Doctor Leo Shanahan Prendergast is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the Pharmaceutical, Drug & Medical devices industry.

Dr Leo is skilled in Research and Development (R&D), Clinical Research, Medical Devices and Life Sciences. A strong business development professional with a Diploma in Business Management (DBM) from Kilroy's College, Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Leo also has an Honors Science Degree (B.Sc. Hons) in Microbiology from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and a Masters of Science Degree (M.Sc) from University College Dublin, Ireland. Leo has also achieved a certificate in 6 Sigma - Yellow belt, from University College Dublin, Ireland. In addition to these accomplishments, Leo qualified with his Medical Doctor (MD) Degree from All Saints University, School of Medicine.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is WebDoctor?

WebDoctor is a safe, secure, online doctor platform that allows patients to get prescriptions and medical certificates from the comfort of their own home. With WebDoctor.  WebDoctor is owned and operated by a group of licensed and registered Australian doctors.

What is a Medical Certificate?

A medical certificate, also known as a doctor’s certificate or a sick note, is an official document issued by a licensed medical practitioner that confirms a patient’s medical illness.  Medical certificates are typically used to support requests for sick leave, disability benefits, or insurance claims. They can also be required by employers, schools, or other organizations as proof of a legitimate absence due to illness.

If you work for an Australian employer, you may be required to produce a valid medical certificate if you are unfit for work due to medical reasons.

Do I need a medical certificate?

An employer may request evidence from an employee to confirm that their leave was taken due to an illness or injury.

Employers can request evidence even for a single day or less of absence.

If an employee fails to provide the requested evidence, they may not be eligible for paid sick or carer’s leave.

Is an online medical certificate the same as a regular medical certificate?

A medical certificate from WebDoctor is a legal document provided by a registered Australian doctor.

All issued medical certificates:

  • Adhere to the Australian Medical Association (AMA) guidelines for medical certificates.
  • Serve as valid proof of illness or incapacity for work/study under section 107 of the Fair Work Act 2009.
  • Are issued following a real-time phone consultation between the patient and our issuing doctor, who operate in line with the Medical Board of Australia’s updated guidelines on telehealth and good medical practice.

How to get an online medical certificate?

Fill in a simple questionnaire to make it easy for WebDoctor to assess your current illness. A doctor will call you following your submission to verify your details.  

Certificates are sent quickly and securely to your email address if approved by our doctors.

Can I Obtain an Online Medical Certificate?

You are eligible if you:

  • Are 18 years or older and cannot attend work or study due to a minor illness.
  • if you require a medical certificate today and cannot secure an appointment with your regular general practitioner. 

How are online medical certificates approved?

Once your Online Medical Certificate form has been submitted, our doctor will consult your form and call you to verify and evaluate your answers.  If approved, our doctor will send you an Online Medical Certificate to your provided email address.

What types of Online Medical Certificates does WebDoctor Issue?

With WebDoctor you can get an Online Medical Certificate for:

  • Work
  • School
  • University
  • Carer’s Certificates

How much does an online medical certificate cost?

WebDoctor online medical certificates are $25 (maximum of 7 days per medical certificate).

Can my employer request further information about my doctor’s certificate?

WebDoctor adheres to strict privacy principles, ensuring that your medical information remains confidential. If your employer contacts our doctor, they will confirm the validity and details of the issued certificate as necessary. However, no specifics regarding your medical conditions will be disclosed to your employer without your explicit written permission.

What are my rights as an employee with regard to medical certificates & sick leave?

An employee must inform their employer if intending to take sick leave or carer’s leave. This has to be done as soon as possible but can be after the leave has started. It should be specified how long the absence from work will be or is expected to be.

An employer can ask an employee to give evidence that confirms they took leave because they were unable to work because of an illness or injury, or needed to care for an immediate family or household member who was experiencing illness, injury, or unexpected emergency.

Employers are entitled to ask employees for evidence for as little as 1 day or less off work.

An employee who does not provide their employer with evidence when asked may not be entitled to be paid for sick leave or carer’s leave.

What happens once I’ve given my information and paid for an appointment?

Once you have submitted your form our doctor will call you (usually within 90 minutes) to verify your details. 

Ensure you have your phone on you and are prepared to answer a call from a private number.

Once the doctor connects with you, they will ask you questions about your health.

After your appointment, subject to assessment, your medical certificate can be sent to you.

Online Med Cert

What if I miss my consultation with the WebDoctor?

We will try to contact you on the mobile number provided in your submission.

If we are still unable to get hold of you they will send you an email saying that they have tried to call and will try again later.  WebDoctor will call again in the next two hours.  If our Doctor is unable to get in contact with you within two hours, we will cancel your application and issue you a full refund.  You can then reapply for another Medical Certificate at a suitable time.

Do I need a Medicare Card?

No, anyone can get an online medical certificate or online carer’s certificate.

What are your hours of operation?

You can submit a request at any time of day throughout the day, and we will get to your request urgently, usually within 90 minutes.

Are your services covered by Medicare?

Unfortunately, our services are not covered by Medicare.

What Treatments Are You Requiring?

Medical Certificate Online


Online Medical Certificate

Online Specialist Referral

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Weight Loss Treatment

High Cholesterol Treatment

Hay Fever Treatment

Asthma Treatment

Acne Treatment

Migraine Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment


Online Medical Certificate

Online Specialist Referral

Contraceptive Pill Treatment

Cystitis and UTI Treatment

Weight Loss Treatment

High Cholesterol Treatment

Hay Fever Treatment

Asthma Treatment

Acne Treatment

Migraine Treatment

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

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